November 26 -December 1


Join us as we spend the week in prayer, fasting, and meditation on scripture.

Monday: No Meat Monday
No meat of any kind.
Prayer focus: Praise - Psalm 98

Tuesday: No tech Tuesday
Just like it says, refrain from any TV, radio, Facebook or Twitter all day.
Prayer focus: Thanksgiving - Psalm 105:1-5

Wednesday: Give up a habit day.
Could be coffee, nicotine, Facebook, or something you do on a daily basis.
Prayer focus: Forgiveness - Matthew 6:12

Thursday: Normal or partial food fast.
I will fast from dinner to dinner. Example: skip dinner on Wednesday and then do communion on Thursday at church and break the fast that evening.
Prayer focus: Confession - Psalm 139:23-24

Friday: No Bread of any kind all day.
Prayer focus: Intercession (praying on behalf of other people).

Saturday: No Sugar Saturday
Do an act of service for someone, could be someone in the family or a stranger.
Prayer focus: Service - Mark 10:45


What is fasting?

Fasting refers to abstaining from food for spiritual purposes and always centers on spiritual principals.

Fasting reveals the things that control us. We tend to cover up what is inside us with food and other good things, but in fasting these things surface. If pride controls us, it will be revealed almost immediately. David said “I humble myself with fasting”. During this week we will be abstaining from not just foods but other things that may control us and we will pray God will reveal these things to us.

Different types of fasting:

The Normal fast. This is abstaining from all food, solid or liquid, but not from water.

The Absolute Fast. Abstaining from both food and water. This fast usually appears in scripture as a desperate measure to meet a dire emergency. Acts 9:9 Paul engaged in a three day absolute fast following his encounter with the living Christ.

The Partial Fast. A restriction of diet, but not total abstention. Daniel 10:3 for three weeks he “ate no delicacies, no meat or wine entered my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all”.