Your tithes and offerings help support Westmoore Church's ministries, missions, building costs, and more.

Use the form below to give tithes and offerings online, or text to give at 405-759-6831. You can also drop physical checks or cash into the offering boxes near the sanctuary doors.  There are other ways to give as well! Contact us to discuss how you can donate items such as cars, land, stocks, furniture, and more.


Online Giving Instructions:

Click on the $0 and type in the amount you wish to give. If you want to give to a specific ministry, click the drop down under "Fund" to select.  

TIP: Our online giving is also connected to our mobile app. If you've given on our app before, log in to your account using the "person" icon at the top right of the box below. This can ensure your yearly statement includes all your donations.


We ask our congregation to give $55 a month over and above their regular tithe amount to help offset our building payment so that we can give $5,500 to a local ministry or an organization in our community.

To contribute, simply use the drop down in the online giving form to select Drive55, earmark a check, or place cash in an envelope marked Drive55. 

You can nominate a ministry or organization for this amount by completing this form.