Whiz Kids is a faith-based, one-on-one volunteer tutoring and mentoring program that focuses on first- through sixth-grade students who live in areas which have some of the highest drop-out rates and lowest socioeconomic levels in Oklahoma City. Whiz Kids is proactive ad preventative in nature, targeting inner-city schools and students who are reading below grade level and who could benefit most from a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult.

Whiz Kids sites are churches in each school’s community that donate their facility and provide tutors and an on-site coordinator. These urban churches are partnered with suburban churches to provide additional tutors and resources and build bridges between suburban and urban churches.  Whiz Kids partners with the Crutcho School District, Putnam City School District and the Crooked Oak School District as well with Oklahoma City Public Schools. A teacher from the local school facilitates each Whiz Kids site. This teacher is an excellent resource for our volunteer tutors and serves as a school liaison.

As a suburban church we provide a number of adult tutors for this program.  We are always looking for caring adults who are willing to help affect change!  If you wold like more information please contact us.

Learn more about Whiz Kids: https://whizkidsok.org/