Today’s blog comes from one of our city’s most prolific and well-known worship leaders, our own Amy Frazier!  As her city-wide worship event UNITE OKC approaches, Amy’s been on a wonderful spiritual journey. Here are some thoughts she’s sharing with us today. — Rene


Seeds….to plant or not to plant…


Sitting across the table from me was a gentleman I just met.  We exchanged information about our ministries and I invited him to participate in our UNITE OKC event on September 11th.  We were talking more about the event and why it was important for all denominations to come together in worship, and then all of a sudden, he interrupted me and said, “Amy!  I see you visually planting seeds at the park!  You are planting seeds and watering them.  You’re a farmer and I see others farming with you.”  I remember laughing and being a little disappointed because I wanted him to see some full-grown crops in his vision!  But I thanked him and didn’t think much about it as I left to go home.


Fast-forward two days later, on a Friday afternoon, I decided to go on “my date” with God.  I was planning on going to Will Rogers Park but the Lord said go to Scissortail.  As I arrived at the park, I immediately started praying for our event in September.  I had my phone out and I was filming the Great Lawn from the Love’s Stage when I heard the Lord say gently, “Ok Amy, go plant some seeds.”  I remember immediately the vision my dear friend had at our meeting.  I smiled and started to plow.  Praying for seeds of deliverance, seeds of repentance, seeds of unity, seeds of love and joy, seeds of reconciliation and restoration, and seeds that we don’t even know which needs to be planted.


I go to the park every Friday now, and will continue until September 11.  I find it so enjoyable to pray over our city, our leaders and other worshippers.  I also noticed some seeds in my own life that needed watering.  You see every time we set ourselves aside to follow Jesus, the enemy is hard after us.  When this happens, many things about us are exposed and seeds that haven’t been planted well are seen to need nourishment or to be uprooted.


My husband and I live on a farm and I have always wanted to plant a garden at our place.  Due to being lazy I have not accomplished this task, but once I get my energy back, I will.  My mom used to plant cucumbers, green beans and other produce for canning.  She would make delicious salsa and bread and butter pickles!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it!  Our home at that time had a basement where she would keep the jars after canning.  It’s truly hard work to plant a garden, water it and maintain the produce afterwards.  It takes a lot of determination and persistency.


Last week I had a friend text me a link to a sermon by Jentezen Franklin called, “Seed Power.”  In it he describes how important planting seeds really are!  Here is a quick overview…


Battle is the seed for territory

Thankfulness is the seed for joy

Confrontation is the seed for change

Listening is the seed for knowledge

Honor is the seed for access

Presentation is the seed for acceptance

Words are the seeds for feelings

Order is the seed for productivity

Confession is the seed for mercy

Repentance is the seed for forgiveness

Today is the seed for tomorrow


What a beautiful description and truth of what seeds produce!  In Proverbs we see what not to sow.  Prov. 29:11 says, “A fool vents all his feelings, but a wise man holds them back.” Or Prov. 29:20, “Do you see a man hasty in his words?  There is more hope for a fool than for him.” And yet another in Prov. 28:13, “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy.”  These are just a couple of examples of what NOT to plant, but whatever we plant will produce something….


Jesus was a perfect example of a seed planter.  In my bible study called, “Time with God,” a written insight was given by Max Lucado which says, “Never underestimate the power of a seed.  God didn’t.  When His kingdom was ravaged and His people had forgotten His Name, He planted His seed.  When the soil of the human heart had grown crusty, He planted His seed.  When religion had become a ritual and the temple a trading post, He planted His seed.”


May what we plow and sow bring a harvest that gives plenty for Christ!  A harvest that fills the barns and nourishes everyone we see for the Glory and Honor of Jesus.


Keep planting as Jesus did…

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