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Rene Gutteridge – Prayer in the Night

It’s been a rough few years. Long before the pandemic hit, our family grappled with the devastating diagnosis Sean’s dad received of throat cancer.  We watched him battle bravely, but eventually lose the ability to speak, then swallow. He went into hospice where we had the honor of helping care for him to the end […]

Sean Gutteridge – Me, Birds and God

Recently, I took up drawing. I even bought myself a sketch book and a “Learning How To Draw For Beginners” for my birthday. I didn’t realize it was for ages 6-12 but, whatever, man. Michelangelo was once twelve, too, so… cool. I envisioned becoming a late blooming artist that would create these masterpieces. The sketching […]

Paul Cunningham – What is a Calling?

Struggling with your job or career? When you were a child, you probably had dreams of becoming a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, an astronaut. I remember from 1st grade on I wanted to be a doctor.  I pursued that dream, even going to pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma first so I could be […]

Julie Schofield – Boundaries

As children we hate boundaries. We want to do all the things that our parents tell us not to do. It is in our nature to rebel. We are born with the need to go our own way. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change much as we age and don’t have those parental rules to follow. We […]

Rene Gutteridge – Christmas Devotional Recommendations

RENE GUTTERIDGE’S CHRISTMAS DEVOTIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS   The Greatest Gift – Unwrapping the Full Love Story of Christmas by Ann Voskamp If you’ve never read the lyrical prose of Ann Voskamp, it can take some getting used to, but once you’re into it, you’re into it.  Voskamp takes the small, nearly always overlooked parts of the […]

Faye Elmore – Where is God?

Where is God? A poem by Faye Elmore So much hate in this world and not a compass to guide us. Where is God? People shooting people. People running people down in the streets. Where is God? People lie, it’s their first language. Cheat like they are entitled to everything! Where is God? Sexual predators […]