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Faye Elmore – Where is God?

Where is God? A poem by Faye Elmore So much hate in this world and not a compass to guide us. Where is God? People shooting people. People running people down in the streets. Where is God? People lie, it’s their first language. Cheat like they are entitled to everything! Where is God? Sexual predators […]

Curtis Rose – Top 10 Christian and Worship songs

Curtis Rose is the Production Engineer for Westmoore Community Church and has served at WCC for over twenty years in the production ministry. If you’re interested in serving in this exciting area, please contact the church!   1.“You Came” by Johnathan David Helser   2.”The Goodness” by Blessing Offor & TobyMac   3.”Getting Started” by […]

Rodney Beavers – Every Action

For every action, there is an opposite or equal reaction. – Newton’s Third Law Newton’s Third Law means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. When I […]

Julie Schofield – Jesus Freaks

I recently watched a documentary called Jesus Music about the beginnings of Contemporary Christian music. It included old footage of Love Song, a band of long-haired hippie musicians I saw at my church when I was a teen. The lyrics they sang and the way they spoke about the Lord was moving and powerful.  I […]

Sean Gutteridge – Take Out the Trash

I hate taking out the trash. It used to be a whole thing between Rene and me. I know, I get it…how hard is it to take out the trash? But I just didn’t like it. I think the only thing I hated more was mowing. Here’s the thing about trash: SOMEBODY must take it […]

Aubree Secrist – When Life Really Begins

Today’s blog post was written by WCC’s own Aubree Secrist, who has recently become a new mother! But the astounding wisdom she shares today about being a young and aspiring Christian can be applied to all of us as we search for God’s will and fulfillment in our lives. – Rene   When you’re young, […]