Struggling with your job or career?

When you were a child, you probably had dreams of becoming a doctor, a nurse, a fireman, an astronaut. I remember from 1st grade on I wanted to be a doctor.  I pursued that dream, even going to pharmacy school at the University of Oklahoma first so I could be a better doctor. As you know that dream was interrupted by a calling from God to preach the gospel and be a Pastor.  Some of you grew up and are fulfilling those dreams.  And if you are there is a good chance you feel satisfied with a sense of purpose and meaning.

There are also those of you that did not fulfill those dreams for all kinds of reasons, and you found yourself in a job that you are not satisfied with and don’t feel a sense of meaning and purpose. Another way to put it is you might have a career but have not found your calling.

Now when we think of a “calling” we usually think of a person who heard God call them into a ministry or mission, and that surely happens.  But I believe we all have a calling. Some of you in your career may not be aware that you are fulfilling your calling.  The Bible says in Ephesians 2:10 that we are God’s masterpiece created in Christ Jesus to do good works which GOD PREPARED IN ADVANCE for us to do. God created you for a purpose, a calling, of what God wants you to do.  We have the tendency to put God’s “calling” in a box, but let’s not limit it to just being in the ministry. I believe teachers, doctors, nurses, police, fireman, EMS workers, etc., are not just careers but a calling.

So, the question is, how do you know what your “calling” is?  The scripture says that God puts his desires in our hearts.  Our heart is where to find our calling. How do we do that?  Ask yourself, “What are the desires of my heart? What am I passionate about? What are the needs I see and would like to do something about it?  What feels exciting when I think about particular careers? What do I have talents and gifts to do?”

What you are good at is God-given to be used!

You might be thinking, “Pastor, you never had pastorship in your heart growing up.”  That is true, in a sense, but as I have reflected on it, I think God was putting it in my heart.  The mission of a doctor is to help sick people get well, get healing, get healthy. That is also what Jesus came to do. Jesus says in Matthew 9 that he came for the sick not the healthy.  He came to heal our sin-sick souls. One of the missions of a pastor is to help people get in a relationship with the “great physician,” Jesus Christ, to find healing and wholeness. So, I always wanted to help people find healing but didn’t realize it was spiritual healing not physical healing. My mom also always told me that God had something special for me, since I was born under very adverse circumstances, not to mention she didn’t think she could get pregnant again at almost 40 and had survived cancer.

So, when the moment came that a scripture jumped out at me and I heard words these in my head, “I have called you to preach the gospel and tell others what I have done for you I will do for them,” it ALL made sense.

The question is, do you feel a sense of calling in what you do for a living or is it just a job to pay the bills? Do you feel a sense of purpose and meaning in what you do or is it a struggle just to get up and go to work every day?   If it’s the latter, then it’s time to start looking at the desires of your heart, your talents and gifts and look to match those with a job or a career.  It can be scary to change jobs or careers, but the reward will be so worth it.  It’s time to do it!

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